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Rooflights - Roof Windows - Velux Window Fitting & Installation

Conservation Roof lights Supplied & Fitted. 

Roof Window Installer

Covering Derbyshire Dales & Peak District.

Tel 07544 553303

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Roof windows supplied and fitted by us. Steel roof windows or roof lights may by required within the Peak District and Derbyshire Dales where a much better quality roof light is needed with the vertical glazing bar/s. Modern Velux or cheaper roof windows may be an option depending on planning rules so it's always best to check this before work commences. The steel roof window shown in the image is a very high quality  conservation steel roof light that we fitted to an old barn roof made by us, being traditional roof construction.We fitted expensive top quality conservation steel roof windows to the roof as the project required a quality roof window. Fiiting of roof lights or roof windows can be done to exisiting roofs subject to planning and building regulations being considered, making sure your roof window is fitted by a qualified roof window installer such as Greenhill Joinery.

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